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If you know your text speak you will know that ‘YOLO’ stands for ‘You Only Live Once’.   This is a programme to work with groups of people to remove some of the self-limiting reasons/beliefs people give themselves as to why they cannot do something. With these self-limiting beliefs removed individuals are more motivated, empowered and driven to move into work.

Aimed at the unemployed the programme recognises that often this group wants more money, better relationships etc. but don’t often recognise that these can result from being in work. The aim through the branding, design etc. is to get target individuals to self-select to go on the programme in the first place, taking the first step to taking ownership of their own situation and motivating them to change.

We have developed an array of creative strategies to help individuals stay on track post event, for example, a ‘YOLO’ app has been designed to sustain the motivation developed during the programme, equipping young people with the tools to self-manage themselves. Attendees sign up and receive daily inspirational messages on their smart phone – the key is ensuring the momentum built up during programme is not lost but becomes a daily ‘mantra’.