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Our Sense-athons are for leaders looking for a way around the status quo and wanting to make a real difference in terms of performance, people engagement and strength in solution resolution.

A hackathon is terminology that has developed in the IT programming world and is a marathon event in which teams of programmers/creative have a period of time to brainstorm, code and create a fully functional piece of software/application based on a given topic or goal. The Sense-athons are our interpretation of this concept but adapted to work in the worlds that we know.

Through our Sense-athon approach we can help you to engage and access ideas and generate input with a diverse spectrum of people (staff, learners, stakeholders etc.) and without, necessarily, bringing them all into the same physical space.
Our Sense-athons create highly actionable ideas for solving “wicked” problems or reinventing your processes – processes which may be contributing to disengaging your 16 to 24 year old learners and customers.

Senseathons can provide you with a different way of generating solutions and gaining participant buy in.