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Are we speaking the same language?


Historically it has been difficult to engage with 16-24 year old in the Employability and Skills world. Typically, it is not appreciated the differences that exist between the generations.  This age group is known as Generation Y and research shows us that they think and operate in a very different way.  Our methods of engagement, interaction and communication needs to change to reflect this if we want to attract this age group onto our programmes or apprenticeships.

“Are we speaking the same language” is a one day immersion event.  Through experiential activities your staff will learn to understand the significance and impact of inter-generational differences.  The programme will highlight how you can blend and adapt your service offer to attract and retain 16 to 24 year olds on to Apprenticeships, Programmes of Study, Traineeships etc.

Because of the approach we take, the learning that is taken away from the day will improve working relationships, more effective engagement with your customer groups and greater results for those who then attend your programme or apprenticeship.
We can provide a toolkit for your staff to bring back into the business to keep the learning fresh and create a far reaching benefit from their attendance.